jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Fun With Akatsuki X.5 - "Almost There" aka Testing with HD

I've decided to conduct a test in High Definition and to see how you react so the perfect idea was a new HD trailer!
Thing is rather long so there! A bonus episode of FWA with no Akatsuki??
Don't kill me just yet, just wait till the end of the video... :)
Metal Gear Solid belongs to Konami, Kojima Productions & Hideo Kojima himself!
Starcraft 2 Belongs to Blizzard Entertainment / Activision
Consider it a free add to 2 of my favourite franchises!
Videos included:
1. Evolution of Dance
2. Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday
3. Angry German kid
4. Will it Blend - Halo 3 by Blendotec
Thanks people! You are what makes Youtube so unique and entertaining!

Autor: OmniStrife
Etiquetas: FWA HD

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