jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

GOLEM - Short Animation By Alon Boroda and Ron Nadel (16:9 Eng subtitles)

Alon Boroda and Ron Nadel's final project during their animation studies in Bezalel academy for arts and design, Jerusalem. Music by Yoav Efron.

Autor: GolemProject
Etiquetas: golem animation israel alon boroda ron nadel bezalel 3d maya art גולם אלון בורודה רון נדל אנימציה ישראל בצלאל תלת מימד מאיה

Happy Tree Friends - Easy For You to Sleigh (Part 1)

Its Santa Lifty and Elf Shifty coming to visit with thievery spirit!

Autor: MondoMedia
Etiquetas: flippy friends happy htf lifty mime mini mondo pop shifty shows tree xmas