lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

Follow McCain's nomination week:
The Repbublican National Convention begins Monday in St. Paul, MN - follow the action on YouTube's Convention channel at:
Delegates from around the country are gathering in St. Paul to nominate Senator John McCain as the Republican candidate for president. Though the Convention will take a muted tone in the face of Hurricane Gustav, there will still be lots of action in St. Paul.
This video features entries to the RNCC/YouTube's "Why are you a Republican in 2008?" contest. Thank you to everyone who submitted, especially the following users whose submissions are included in this video:
mburn16, RickyCTheAmerican, Skypexic, mattgee24, obamatwo, RandallMRueff, Americanpat, ThePoliticalJunkie, cadborasaurus, agent021, theteenconservative, inmanwoman1, jewskater112, machosauceproduction, sfperez32, tpritts600, 40daysplus, SaveWestiesKMS, laurenjeziorski, dandogg4, brendab70, ManofRepublics, TurnwrightGallery, sally82935, FXwakeboard, itstartedatZero, lilcali25, MmmMetamucil, johnabbottnet, tus4321, Alex93a, RJGator714, theconservativetruth, BrennaHope17, CaitlynRZ, trudyreads, murphyinthemornin, abbyalger, jakeryan16candles, and sallyraea
The winner, as voted on by the YouTube community, is also at the Convention, documenting his experience:
Be sure to stay tuned all week long to YouTube's Convention headquarters for behind-the-scenes footage, personal interviews with party leaders, and delegate uploads straight from St. Paul. It's the most footage you'll see of the Convention anywhere.
If YOU have a Convention-related video, make sure to tag it "2008conventions" so we can find it and feature it on the channel.

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Venga Monjas: Estaba Estofado y Merlín

Cuando una T-10 se mete en la máquina... JODER, ahí hay cosas que el humano no debería oler.

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Los Friends de Conchi

¿Qué harías si el amor de tu vida llega de madrugada pidiéndote amor eterno por unos días?

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