miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2008

Happy Tree Friends - Ka-Pow! Operation Tiger Bomb

W.A.R. Journal unlocks the secrets of well known character Flippy's flack-riddled past. The episode follows Happy Tree Friend's favorite psychotic bear deep in the War Zone with a group of all-new commando co-stars beating down the bad guys in high-caliber combat. Learn the grisly truths about Flippy's bloodthirsty 'band of brothers' as they 'execute' their missions. More Ka-Pow! episodes, featuring Splendid and Buddhist Monkey, are on the way! Games, DVD's, TV episodes and more at: http://www.happytreefriends.com

Autor: MondoMedia
Etiquetas: action animated cartoon comedy flippy friends funny happy journal ka-pow kapow mini mondo new shows tree video war

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